Ecosystem Preservation Versus Conservation

Topics: Population genetics, Biodiversity, Population bottleneck Pages: 3 (725 words) Published: February 19, 2009
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SCI 256 People, Science, and The Environment


Earth was created of many different ecosystems; each one has a powerful combination of plants, animals, and microorganism that are influenced by nonliving environmental functional units. These ecosystems are involved with human lifecycle as they furnish us with water, food and energy.

Humankind’s relationship with the ecosystem has for a very long time been anything but a give and take situation. The ecosystem’s natural process has been altered and the added use and pollution has not helped any either. According to the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation “Over 60% of all ecosystems on the globe are overexploited and have entered into a degradation cycle with often unknown consequences” (2004). Humans can offer some assistance in the matter by preservation and conservation of our natural resources. The ecosystem preservation can be best defined as the continued and uninterrupted natural cycle of a particular ecosystem by mankind. Even the slightest interruption by mankind on an ecosystem could easily bring an end to any flora or fauna that might possibly exist within that ecosystem. The flora and fauna will naturally regulate itself through the combined effects of natural native enemies and the weather. One important pro point to ecosystem preservation is that not all ecosystems are identical, as some will contain more flora and fauna than others will. It is especially beneficial if the smaller ecosystems become breached and certain fauna and flora should have their numbers diminish. On the other hand, if a larger ecosystem is compromised the fleeing fauna may likely move into the neighboring ecosystem without creating an unusually high number that will more than likely create a dangerous situation for the flora. The fact that all ecosystems are different allow for another pro factor of preservation, as the larger ones will likely contain a greater...

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