Astronomy Research and the Search of Extraterrestrial Life Paper

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Astronomy Research and the Search of Extraterrestrial Life Paper Megan Lade
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Christopher Conner

All life on this planet is linked to the geology of Earth, and vice versa – we (all organisms) are supposed to be living in a symbiotic relationship with our world. When Earth was developing deep within its curst began the first traces of raw materials and minerals that would fuel life for many years to come. We adapt and change to our ever evolving planet mostly due to changes in our environment and geology. There are many properties of life on Earth – order, reproduction, growth and adaptations; all of which depend on the available resources Earth has to give. “96% of every organism is composed of the elements carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen” (The Origin and Evolution of Life on Earth). We all depending on one another to survive – plants on the sun, herbivories on the plants, carnivores on the herbivories – we are all part of the grand plan.

There are several theories of how ‘we’ all began, including the most common – The Big Band Theory. Other notable theories include the Electric Spark theory, where sparks from the atmosphere to Earth generated amino acids and sugars loaded with water and methane which served as building blocks for the struggling organisms developing. Another was the Community Clay idea that stated molecules came together on clay that allowed them to concentrate in a particular area and organized them into patterns as our genes are known to do. Deep-sea vents were recognized as the earliest possible place where microorganisms would have begun to develop; the vents again allowing molecules to concentrate and feed off of their rich chemical and thermal energy. A most fictional theory is known as panspermia – which states that Earth didn’t begin here at all; rather the first living things were thrown from space onto our planet and...

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