Economy of russia

Topics: Marketing, Advertising, Promotion and marketing communications Pages: 2 (380 words) Published: October 13, 2013
Planning of promotion activities
The concept and value of product promotion and marketing communications

In the present time, on the stage of development of trade and market relations plays an important role to promote product or service on the market. Accepted principles of our county to develop private property, improvement of market relations, raise the quality of the products and expansion output of product, set specific targets for marketing, solution that helps planning marketing and advertising promotion. Sales promotion on the market is one of the most important areas of marketing activity. Promotion of products - is a natural tool of economy and an important regulator of the market system. Synonymous of “promotion” in the broad sense in marketing is the term “marketing communications”. Marketing Communications - one of the sections of the subject "Marketing." The definition of "marketing communication" is easier to understand if we consider the nature of the two constituent elements - communications and marketing. Communications it’s a process in result which will be achieved one perception …. “Marketing” – it’s activity to ensure the availability of necessary goods and services for target

(Коммуникации – это процесс, в результате которого должно достигаться однозначное восприятие коммуникационного сообщения субъектами, его посылающими и получающими; «маркетинг» - это деятельность по обеспечению наличия нужных товаров и услуг для нужной аудитории, в нужное время в нужном случае по подходящей цене при осуществлении необходимых коммуникаций и мер по стимулированию сбыта.) One of the central place in the system of market communications is advertise. Advertising - any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas or services from name of well-known sponsor (definition of the American Marketing Association) (AMA). To promote the products or services using different tools:

Стимулирование сбыта
Public relations...
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