economic impact of sport events

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Literature review of economic impact of large sports event


Over recent years, there have significantly controversial discussions about the economic impact that large sporting events bring to the host city and country. This literature review mainly draws attention on four aspects: tourism boosting & expenditure of tourist, employment, price and living cost, reconstruction and investment. It is argued in each item about the extent of the economic impact works and the process they worked. It gathers numerous viewpoints and data from different articles, and mainly takes the Olympic Games as example because they could well represent for the large scale sport events.

Tourism Boosting &Expenditure of tourist

Event tourism has been a key issue for a long time, especially the large scale sports events are seen as catalysts for boosting tourism. For instance, the Brisbane Commonwealth Games attracted 5000 visitors from other Australian States and approximately 6000 overseas were involved (Burgan and Mules, 1992). The number of tourists heavily depends on the attractiveness of the region and other conditions such as the political or economic situation. The effect of tourism brings to the city or hosting country will not only appear during the event itself but also before and after the event (Masterman, 2003, p.406). According to Li and Blake’s study, the tourism impact of Olympic game can be divided into 3 stages: pre-event, the year it is held and post-event. These could normally last for 12 years approximately (Li and Blake, 2009; Madden 2006).

The most evident significance of the economic impact of major sports events should be the expenditure of tourists that brings to the country associated with events. This view has been generally accepted that the economic impacts are expenditure driven (Layard, 1972 and Pearce, 1971). The issue is, visitors related to the event can be divided into different groups, which could result in...
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