Economic Growth in China

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Economic Growth in China

Economic Growth in China
Economic Growth in China has been steady. There have been many things that has contributed to the growth. The fact that China has one of the highest populated areas in all the world. That they have lead the way in technology manufacturing for the past 10 years. There have been many things but none more powerful than the geographical features that have push them. These major features are the mountains, desert, steppes and plains. Also the rivers and the location of the sea to the west. All working together to play a huge role in the great economic expansion of China. Mountains have been the greats defensive feature that helped China in all. Being surrounded by mountains on the three sides that boarder other countries and also the construction of the Great Wall have made it hard for outside countries to interfere in the country's economic furthering. The mountains provided protection but also fed the three major rivers of the country. Rivers play a huge part of Chinas economic expansion. The rivers provided forms of transportation in the early years and also was the countries major water source for the people as well as the crops and livestock. The farming has been a major player in the economics of this country. The surrounding plains, steppe, and deserts help to provide areas to crop. The plains have been used to farm for centuries. Providing food to eat but also to sell. The deserts have no place to keep people or farms but with the winds have help fertilize the farm lands. All working together to provide materials to sell to the world. The ocean provides the greatest form of help in furthering Chinas economic expansion due to the huge trade route from China to the world. China has one of the largest ports of trade in the world. These features have also made it harder on China at times as well. The mountains make for good protection but make the trade routes twice...

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