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Interflora's e - commerce


A. Presentation

I-Presentation of the Interflora company and its delivery organization through its network a)Presentation of the Interflora company
b)How it works?

II-Presentation of the Problematic

B. Strategic Marketing Planning Process

I-External and Internal Analysis
a)External Analysis
b)Internal Analysis

II-SWOT Analysis

III-Future Objectives
a)Why is the E-commerce environment attractive for Interflora? b)Future Objectives

IV-E-Marketing Strategy

V-E-Marketing Plan

C. Recommendations and Conclusions



A. Presentation

Our study will focus on the French market. But of course, the Interflora French website will have interface with all others Interflora websites through the world, so as to insure global deliveries.

I-Presentation of the Interflora company and its delivery organization through its network

a)Presentation of the Interflora company

a/ Identity card

► A worldwide network:

▪ Presentation:

Interflora is the largest flower delivery company, that is implanted throughout the world. It consists of a network connecting flower shops to make deliveries. This network is composed of approximately 60,000 florists worldwide delivering flowers to 140 countries (from China to Russia, the USA to Europe), each maintaining the stringent standards that Interflora demands.

• Fleurop Interflora is located in 17 countries: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Denmark, France, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Norway, Poland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden and Turkey

• British Group is constituted of all the countries of the Commonwealth : South Africa, Australia, Britain and New Zealand.

• FTD USA is the American Network, Korea, Taiwan and Philippines.

These groups are controlled by Interflora Inc. located in the United States and share the responsibility for the future development and efficient transmission of orders around the globe. They have different names but are all committed to the high level of quality and service.

▪ The Board of Directors:

Interflora is governed and run by a Board of thirteen Directors, nine of them are Member florists. Member Directors are elected by Member florists at the Annual General Meeting for a three year term period.

► The S.F.T.F (Société Française de Transmissions Florales) Interflora:

▪ Presentation:

The S.F.T.F has a capital of 4 271 494 € and represents the Interflora brand in France, Monaco and in the DOM TOM. The current CEO is Felix Hazak. This company is in charge of the good application of the Interflora rules in order to protect the customer rights. It is a real leader on the market of floral transmission. Its turnover was 103 million Euros in 2002 and they received a high number of orders during the same year thanks to the performance of its network service. Indeed, they have a system that allows the security of the Interflora transmission and management, and analyses and controls the information given by the florists. It permits the success of the contract between the florist and his customer, and the transmission of an order with less than three minutes.

▪ The Interflora Floral Art group (FAG):

The goal will of Interflora is more than the flowers transmission: they dedicate themselves to floral creation and to the research of new tendencies for the future. This group exists for twenty years and is constituted of twelve professional florists. Their competencies have not only been recognized in France but also in other countries. Today, the floral creations of the GAF are true references for the professionals.

b/ The brief history of Interflora

▪1908: the idea of a network was born in 1908 in Berlin when a florist, Max...
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