Ecology of Crime

Topics: Crime, Criminology, Crime statistics Pages: 1 (357 words) Published: April 24, 2006
Ecology Of Crime

There are many patterns in the crime rate that seem to be linked to temporal and ecological factors. Crimes usually happen more often, and, or more less according to the day, season, climate, temperature, population density, and region. For example, a person is more likely to be assaulted at midnight when the temperature exceeds 90 degrees than when to temperature is 10 degrees below zero. Therefore, a criminal is more likely to commit a crime when the time of day, season, and temperature is most suitable for themselves. Most reported crimes occur during the warm summer months of July and August. One of these reasons is being that teenagers, who usually have high crime levels, are out of school and have a greater opportunity to commit crime. Also, during the summer more people spend time out side enjoying the warm weather, which in return makes themselves easier targets to criminals. Homes are more prone to property crimes in the summer time because they are left vacant more often during this time. Crime rates also may be higher on the first day of the month than any other day of the month. At this time Government welfare and Social Security checks arrive at this time, along with them come increases in activities such as, breaking into mail boxes, and mugging people on the streets. The highest violence rates are reported to have been in large urban areas. One reason for this is because in these areas it is easier to get a way after committing a crime, rather then committing a crime in a small city where there are not many places to run. Many crime rates vary by region. For instances, in the south people are more likely to ride around with guns in their cars which makes them easily available to fire arms, rather than people in the north. To conclude, during warm climate seasons, the first of the month, highly populated areas, and southern regions, people should stay more attentive to their self and belongings, for this is the best and most...
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