Ecological Footprint

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Social studies essay: ecological footprint
The ecological footprint is a measure of human demand on the earth’s eco-systems .Although the majority of new zealander’s are aware of the damage that is being caused to the environment, our ecological footprint size per person in hectares was a shocking 7.6 . This information was recorded back in 2001 and since then we unfortunately have increased from 7.6 to 7.7 . so is the clean green 100% pure new Zealand motto really valid and if not , what can we do about it ? .

New Zealand is ranked seventh in the world’s top ten worst countries by ecological footprint . a lot of this has to do with agriculture .major green house gas emissions are environmentally expensive and 60% of waterways are polluted and unsafe to swim in because of diseases brought in to NZ from overseas .if people arriving from overseas were to scrub their shoes on arrival this could solve many issues in terms of pollution .

Energy consumption also plays a big part in the size of our ecological footprint .despite a comparatively small population and abundant natural resources, NZ is a net importer of energy .in 2007 energy consumption per capita was 120 gigajoules . per capita energy consumption had increased 8 percent since 1998 . New Zealand uses more energy per capita than 17 of 30 O.E.C.D countries. New Zealander desperately need to consider how simple it can be to save energy , for example at home turning off the water tap when brushing your teeth or perhaps turning off all the lights when you go to bed .just small steps make for a small footprint.

Transport has a massive impact on New zealand’s ecological footprint. in new Zealand we offer a variety on transportation from buses to trains to ferries and etc . although the forms on transportation help people get to places they do not help at all with reducing side of our ecological footprint in fact , on average inner city commuting buses emit .3 kg of CO2 per passenger mile and not only...
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