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Topics: Inch, Temperature, Length Pages: 3 (1377 words) Published: December 2, 2012
1. How much heat is required to convert 250g of ice at 0°C to steam at 100°C? A. 7.5 x 105 JB. 5.5 x 105 JC. 6.5 x 105 JD. 4.5 x 105 J 2. What is the ratio of the area of a square inscribed in a circle to the area of the square circumscribing the circle? A. ½B. ¼C. 1/3D. 2/3

3. The frustum of a regular triangular pyramid has a equilateral triangles for its bases. The lower and the upper bases edges are 8cm and 2cm respectively. How far apart are the bases if its volume is 108.2 cu. cm? A. 7.8 cmB. 8.9 cmC. 8.3 cm D. 9.3 cm

4. A primatoid has end areas of 5 sq. m and 18 sq. m respectively. If its length is 8 m, what is its mid section area (in sq. m) if its volume is 100 cu. m? A. 12B. 14C. 13D. 15
5. A heat engine does 350 J of work and rejects 750 J of heat. What is the efficiency of the engine? A. 0.28B. 0.40C. 0.32D. 0.47
6. What is the volume (in cu. cm) of a regular octahedron whose edge is 5cm? A. 57.12B. 59.52C. 58.92D. 60.21
7. Determine the specific volume of argon gas in a vessel at 150 kPa and 20°C. The vessel is spherical and has a radius of 5 m. Molecular weight of argon=39.95kg/kg.mol. A. 0.4265 m3/kgB. 0.4665 m3/kgC. 0.4065 m3/kgD. 0.4465 m3/kg 8. One mole of monoatomic ideal gas at a temperature of 57°C absorbs 1.4 kcal of heat and does 2800 J of work on its surroundings. What is the resulting temperature of the gas? A. 550KB. 570KC. 560KD. 580K

9. Find the mass of air in a closed chamber measuring 35 ft x 20 ft x 10 ft, when the pressure is 17 lb/in2 and the temperature is 75°F. Assume air to be an ideal gas. Molecular weight of air = 28.97 lbm/lbm.mol. A. 593 lb,B. 601 lbmC. 598 lbmD. 606lbm

10. A spherical sector has a volume of 250 What is the sphere radius if its spherical zone has an area of 150 A. 3B. 5C. 4D. 6
11. The lateral area of a right circular cylindrical water tank is 92 and its volume is What is the...
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