eCampus Website User Manual

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eCampus Website User Manual


Greg Hayes

Table of Contents
Login Page3
Username and Password3
New Student5
What’s New6
Top Navigation6
My Profile6
What’s New7
Main Tabs9
Phoenix Connect9
Class Tabs9
Current Classes9
Previous Classes9
Future Classes9
Phoenix Connect9
Learning Communities9
Community Aid9
Quick Links9
Schedule and Grades10
Program Credits10
Student Workshops10
Life Resource Center11
Phoenix Career Services11
Campus News11
Videos of Interest11

This manual will walk you through how to use the eCampus Student Website. Here you will learn how to log into the website and the various features that will assist you throughout your education at the University of Phoenix. You will also find step by step instructions and information on using the eCampus Website. Login Page

Navigate to: eCampus Login Page “” This is the login page to get into the website.

Username and Password
1. Enter Username and Password

2. Incorrect Login

3. Retry your username and password or click the link “Forgot Username/Password?” Forgot?
1. Click the link below to obtain your username or to get a new password.

2. Select Problem

3. Recovering Username and Password

4. Verify ID

*Selecting an option will immediately prompt you for the information. New Student
1. Click on the following link:

2. Select a user name

3. Select a password and re-enter the password

4. Enter your birth date

5. Enter your Email ID

6. Enter your IRN (Individual Record Number)

7. Click on register

IRN stands for your Individual Record number which is provided to you once you register for the University of Phoenix. Your registration counselor should provide this to you. What’s New
This section will provide you information on student workshops and the latest new from the University of Phoenix. Top Navigation
The top navigation is located in the upper right hand side of the main screen once you are logged in.

The welcome portion displays your full name followed by your IRN (Individual Record Number). Inbox
This link will take you to your University of Phoenix email mailbox. You will receive important messages from the University of Phoenix staff. You can also use this email to communicate with other students in the class. My Profile

This section contains information such as:
* Email (Personal and University)
* Phone Number
* Address
* About Me (Information about your role, goals, gender, Military) * Academic Information
* Professional Information
* Other Interests
* Content (Posts and replies made to Communities)
* Friends
* Notifications
What’s New
This section will provide you information on student workshops and the latest new from the University of Phoenix. Help
Clicking help will open up the Tools help portal. Here you can see a list of topics and click “More help topics” to open the Student Knowledgebase Portal. The portal is a more in depth help portal to search for specific items. It will also allow you to send an email to the support team if you are unable to find the information you are looking for. This page also offers a “System Status” tab which will let you know the status on all of the University of Phoenix services.

By clicking “Logout” you will be logged out of the Student and Faculty Portal. It will then redirect you to the login page. Main Tabs
The main tabs on the website are key sections which highlight key sections to helping you become successful throughout your education at the University of Phoenix.

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References: University of Phoenix. (2011). Student and Faculty Portal. Retrieved from
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