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E-books has a long way to go?
Since the turn of the century, computers have become more portable, and technology has made many aspects of life more portable. Even books have been become more mobile in recent years with the popularization of e-books available online and e-readers that allow a person to carry a virtual library anywhere. With all the changes, there are some advantages and disadvantages brought by e-books. Is it feasible that it will disappear one day as its disadvantages outweigh its advantages?

1.It helps people who have trouble with their vision
I believe many of you must have come across some difficulties during reading. You may complain how small the words are and feel exhausted easily after finishing some of your reading. As we can read books through the e-books readers, we now can have the option of zooming in on the words or enlarging the font so that it can be read more easily. This is a great benefit to people who have trouble with their vision. With the right software, they can be converted to audio books so you can rest your eyes

2.It is easily portable
Moreover, they are portable, thus carrying even hundreds of e-Books on a CD or a laptop from one place to another is quite easy. You can travel light with any number of e-Books that you want. The number of e-Books does not create packing and transportation trouble like printed books. It is also much safer to transport e-Books, as there are no worries such as damage in transport due to water, rough handling, etc. 3.It is more environmentally-friendly

At the time when every nation is concerned about the environment, there is a lot of emphasis over the use of environment-friendly substances. When we compare e-books reading with the conventional kind of reading, the former one is considered more environment-friendly as it avoids the use of paper and packaging material .As more trees will survive instead of being cut down for making books, the speed of global warming...
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