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E-readers and e-books may have seemed like a fad, but clearly they are not going anywhere. There are a number of styles and types to pick from; the Nook and Kindle each have various versions and options, for example, based on your budget and your needs. Debate rages about which is the best e-reader, but this is about the advantages and disadvantages of an e-reader regardless of the one you buy. Advantages

For starters, we will look at the benefits of e-readers. Do you travel a lot? If so, an e-reader is almost a necessity. Gone are the days of lugging around a stack of books for reading on the train or plane; now, one small tablet can provide you with a veritable library. The light weight and range of options make an e-reader a commuter or traveler's best friend. In addition, e-readers allow you to clean up space in your home. Those who live in small spaces know how valuable additional floor and wall space can be and now you can avoid tripping over books. E-readers keep you organized, while also providing you the distinct advantage of having all the reading material you desire in your home. Another advantage is that e-readers offer flexibility. Ever been somewhere with a book and you reach a midpoint and suddenly want something different? Maybe you've been reading a lot of romance and now you feel like you would prefer a mystery. This is also helpful with keeping your bedside table less cluttered. E-readers give a reader the means to be in the middle of several things at once, while keeping each available for when the reader wants it. Finally, a great advantage of e-readers is that, for some people at least, you can read faster. Not only is swiping simply faster than flipping a page (split seconds, but they add up over the course of a novel, especially one like Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), but e-readers also can motivate readers to read just a bit more. When you are holding a physical book, sometimes you see that you have only made a small dent and it is...
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