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J&G Garden Center

J&g Garden Center
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Adam Roberts
MAN 103
January 21,2011
J&G Garden Center

In this paper we are going to learn about a company called J&G Garden Center: Lawn Care Services Division. John Weed has recently been having second thoughts about a new division that he and his wife added on to the business a year ago; he is thinking of closing it. The new division specializes in the treatment and eradication of lawn and garden pests. In the body of this essay we are going to make two arguments about this division. The first argument that we will give will be in favor of retaining the new division and we will incorporate Mr. Weed’s ethical conflicts into it. The second argument we will make will be about eliminating or changing the new division and we will make recommendations to improve the overall company profits through means that will be acceptable to Mr. Weed.

The company called J&G Garden Center was first started in 1986 by John and Gloria Weed on the outskirts of Columbus, Ohio. In 1998 the Weeds completed their final phase of their original long-range business plan by adding a new division to their company. This new division is called “Big John, The Lawn & Garden Doctor”. The division specializes in the treatment and eradication of lawn and garden pests. Recently the Weeds had a lawsuit filed against the company claiming that water runoff from a property of one of the customers contaminated a neighbor’s well. The Weeds were found not guilty, but John is now having second thoughts about keeping the new division up and running. There are several good reasons to keep it open and there are also several good reasons why the Weeds should close the division.

One argument that we could make is that this new division is as profitable as all other divisions combined, and since John Weed is a local with a strong sense of the community, these profits will allow...
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