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Adjustment’s Letter
Doing business is not always easy. Sometimes, there are some circumstances that are out of our hands. Although we tried so hard to avoid our customer's disappointment, it does not happen. Therefore, at times some of our customers send us complaint letters.  Nevertheless, it is our role to remain calm and to use this complaint as opportunity to deliver the services they expect, even to exceed their expectation. Adjustment letter is written as a reply to a complaint or claim of a customer. When a complaint is forwards to a firm or company, immediate attention should be given because the classified customer can soon be an adviser of your firm. This adjustment letter should be delivered not longer than one working day after we receive our customer complaint letter. The letter of complaint must receive a fair, prompt, frank and courteous reply. The following format should be taken into consideration while writing a letter of adjustment. An adjustment letter should begin with a positive statement, expressing sympathy and understanding. Near the start, it should let the reader know what is being done, and this news, good or bad, should be followed by an explanation. Once company decides to comply with customer’s request, do it happily. Companies need to avoid reluctant tone, even it is customer’s fault. Adjustment letter with an adjusted tone towards positive attitude works both ways. The client is satisfied and the vendor is also satisfied. Always begin by sympathizing customers, establishing a positive tone. Make them feel understood. In the body of letter, explain how you comply with the claim. Firstly, state the problem so that customers realize that you understand their complaint. Next, explain what happened with the product or service before you give the customer a decision. If the product has defective part, tell how the product is being improved. If the procedure needs to be revised, explains what changes will be made. Give the facts...
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