Eastman Kodak Case Study

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Eastman Kodak Case
Implementation of TQEM at Kodak Park’s Utilities Division
“Our vision is to be a world class company and the leading imaging company in protecting the quality of the environment and the health and safety of our employees, customers, and communities in which we operate.” For more than a decade, WRI’s Sustainable Enterprise Program (SEP) has harnessed the power of business to create profitable solutions to environment and development challenges. BELL, a project of SEP, is focused on working with managers and academics to make companies more competitive by approaching social and environmental challenges as unmet market needs that provide business growth opportunities through entrepreneurship, innovation, and organizational change. Permission to reprint this case is available at the BELL case store. Additional information on the Case Series, BELL, and WRI is available at: www.BELLinnovation.org.

R. Hays Bell, Vice President and Director
Eastman Kodak Corporate Health, Safety and Environment
HS&E Annual Report, 1994.
In mid-1993, the Utilities Division at Kodak Park in Rochester, New York, volunteered to implement a long-term prevention-based environmental management strategy (EMS). The division provides steam, electricity, refrigeration, compressed air, incineration, supply water, and wastewater treatment and disposal services for Eastman Kodak Companies largest U.S. manufacturing site. “If the Utilities Division had to cease operations because of compliance or regulatory problems, operations throughout the industrial facility would stop,” according to Jeffrey Matthews, Environmental Program Manager at Kodak Park Site Services. After reviewing a number of environmental management systems, the Total Quality Environmental Management (TQEM) matrix system of the Council of Great Lakes Industries was selected. “The TQEM matrix appeared to provide a method for focusing, documenting, and disciplining our environmental management process,” noted Peter Loberg, manager of the Utilities Division. Robert Gomperts, Manager of Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) for the Utilities Division was asked to spearhead the implementation process. This case was prepared by Lester B. Lave, Noelette Conway-Schempf and Arpad Horvath, Carnegie Mellon University, with support provided by the Sustainable Enterprise Program of the World Resources Institute (WRI), to stimulate class discussion rather than to illustrate effective or ineffective management strategies. Copyright © 1997 by WRI. Not for citation, quotation or distribution without permission. By late 1995, the TQEM system had been implemented in the Utilities Division for almost two years. Implementation had involved approximately 12% of the available HS&E personnel time during each of the two years. Although cost savings had not yet been realized, the shift toward proactive and prevention-based activities was projected to reduce HS&E annual management personnel costs 25% by 1998, and 40% by the year 2000 -a significant return on personnel investment As Loberg and Gomperts prepared for a meeting with Mathes to discuss future environmental management efforts for Kodak Park in light of ISO 14000 certification requirements, they thought about the potential for implementing TQBM in other divisions. Had TQBM lived up to expectations in the Utilities Division? Was the system appropriate for other divisions at Kodak Park? Would the system satisfy ISO 14000 criteria? Eastman Kodak Company

Eastman Kodak Company is one of the world leaders in the development, manufacture, and marketing of both conventional and electronic imaging technology. The business was founded in 1882 by George Eastman who is credited with commercializing photography. Today, the Kodak colors and name are among the most recognized brand images in the world, Kodak is the fifth most popular...
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