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By domyessayuk Sep 24, 2014 419 Words
What To Do When Victimized By Certain Shocking Rules In School?

An incident in a school in Delaware raised many eyebrows, when a 6th grader brought a folding fork and a folding knife with his lunch utensils. Since a student keeping a knife in the premises of that school was categorized as dangerous by the authorities, therefore, he was sentenced to an alternative district school for 45 days. The parents and the lawmakers were outraged at such measures taken by the school administration; hence the kid was called back to school. After this incident, the policy of the school was amended with the clause that only a 3 to 5 day suspension would be given to the children who carried such dangerous instruments within the school’s premises in the future. Such incident, however, raised a lot of concerns to the parents who considered this act as ridiculous. Following are a few ways in which parents can stop such events from happening: When the rules and regulations are being set, parents must play a pivotal role in formulating the policies. Usually the administration as well as principals of a school or college expect the parents of the students to pool in their own ideas and suggestions at the time of discussing the implementation of the school rules. Undoubtedly, most of the schools prosper with cooperation from the parents. When there were stay-at-home moms, at least they used to know about the rules and policies of the school in which their children were studying. Nowadays, since both the parents have to leave for work, they do not find much time to read the handbook sent with their child at the beginning of each term. That particular handbook should, however, be read at the start of every school year by the parents. If you have a preschooler, make sure to go through the whole handbook and then sit down with your child and talk to them about the rules they are supposed to strictly follow. In case of a high school student, read through each paper of the handbook together and tell them of the importance of following those rules so that they don’t play dumb later on and make excuses when caught red-handed. In case of rules which are labeled as zero-tolerance policies, parents should be aware of the fact that if they do not agree with a particular rule, they can get together and impose power on the school administration. Parents must stand against such rules.

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