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Sample Thesis

By windslicer6 Feb 23, 2013 1140 Words
Balibago, Angeles City

4 line spacing

S.Y. 2012 – 2013

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A research paper presented
in partial fulfillment of the requirements
of the subjects English and Values Education IV

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Presented by


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Presented to


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March ____ 2013


This research paper entitled “The Impact of School Rules and Regulation to the Discipline of High School students of Systems Plus College Foundation S.Y. 2012 – 2013” is presented for the partial fulfillment of the subjects English IV and Values Education IV is approved.

Adviser Critic

Principal, Basic Education Department


In every endeavor, there will always be an inspiration behind it just like this research paper. The realization of this work of heart and head is not possible without them.

* To God the Almighty Father, who then the giver of knowledge and wisdom to the researcher

* To his parents who gave him the encouragement and understanding while this research paper is in the process of completion

* To his teachers/mentors for their insights who gave me more ideas upon finishing this research

* To his friends: Dora, Ando, Gerald, Jen, Mac, Madam A, Madam Bea, Madam L, Joan, Mutz, Oteph for their genuine support every time that the researcher feels hopeless.

* To “someone like you” for giving him the motivating affection to the researcher.


First and foremost
The researcher wants to dedicate this
Work of heart and head to God for the wisdom He
Entrusted to him

Secondly, to his parents for giving love,
Care and understanding

Lastly, to those whom I really endowed my trust –
My friends and to HIM.


Being Present in School is the best way to achieve our goals in Life. Study is created for a good purpose that is to guide and lead people in a way wherein they will not be called “Lazy”.

This study will present how students are lazy to go to school that can affect the study of the students. School is the best venue to start guiding and leading the students to have a better life.

This research contains also the results of the survey done by the researcher. The concept on how to find solutions towards the problem brought out by the study. This research paper is done and designed in a manner that not for the student only but also for all the people who can or who will read this research paper.


A. Background of the Study
Students now days are different from the students before. In terms of strict compliance to the school rules and regulations, every student should follow or else they will suffer the consequences. But now, even the hardest punishment is no longer effective to them.

Schools are good venue of discipline. In here, school rules and regulations are strictly followed by the students. Rules and regulations are ways to helps parents in guiding their children to a better way and make their lives meaningful.

A good discipline lies on the rules and regulations imposed to the student. The attitude that they will show outside of the campus will somehow tell others what kind of school he/she came from. The attitude of students will somehow describe of school they enrolled at.

Implementing school rules and regulations strictly is somehow suffocating in the part of students who don’t want to be guided. This will always be the initial response of those students who are really hard headed or some are experiencing behavioral problems that sometimes it is hard for them to follow.

B. Statement of the Problem
This research paper entitled impact of school rules and regulations to the discipline of High School student of Systems Plus College Foundation S.Y. 2012 – 2013 aims to answer the following: 1. What is the profile of the students in terms of

a. Age
b. Sex
c. Community
2. What are the results of the data gathered from the respondent? 3. What are the impact of the school rules and regulations based on the survey gathered?

C. Scope and Delimitation
The research paper “the impact of the school rules and regulations to the discipline of High School students is delimited to High school student of Systems Plus College Foundation, Balibago Angeles City not to that of Systems Plus College Foundation in Caloocan.

The survey will focus only to the school rules and regulation of the Systems Plus College Foundation High School department.

There will be 40 respondents coming from Grade 7 to Fourth year High School student of Systems Plus College Foundation.

D. Conceptual and Theoretical Framework


* Age

* Sex

* Community

The researcher has thought that there must be factors and variables that can affect the students towards the imposed school rules and regulation to them. The age can be a big factor for student to follow the rules and regulations. Sex can also be a determinant. Lastly the community can also be a factor.

These variables (age, sex and community) helped the researcher on determining the real reason behind the disciplined that portrayed by the students as imposed to them by the school authorities the rules and regulations.

E. Hypothesis

The researcher concludes that the variables presented have a great effect in following the rules and regulation of the school towards their discipline.

F. Definition of terms

The definition made up of small a paragraph which gives the accurate meaning. This will help everyone who wants to read this research paper.

a. Sex – the gender of the respondents. It can be a male or a female

b. Age – the years the respondent lives. The present number of years live

c. Community – the locality where the respondent resides.

d. School – the venue for implementation of rules and regulation

e. Rules and Regulations – these are the imposed laws to guide the students.

G. Methodology and Gathering Device

This part will explain how the researcher gathered the data and how everything was done. This is a scientific method of research

The researcher used a questionnaire type of survey to gather data from the respondents. Whatever will be their responses to the questions will be statistically analyzed and result will appear.

To start the survey, the researcher needed 40 respondents who will answer the questionnaire prepared by the researcher. The focuses of the questions are more on the school rules and regulations implemented by the school.

To get the mean percentage of the variables and interpret the result, the researcher will be using a statistical treatment

n = fno. of respondentsx 100

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