Earthquake in Ledc and Medc

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Name: ……………………………………………………………….. Grade MYP4
Subject: ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT Time Duration: - 4 Days
Criteria for Assessment
A: Knowing and understanding B: Investigating C: Thinking critically D: Communicating
Task: Write a Report on “Why do LEDCs (Less Economically Developed Country) suffer greater damage from earthquake than MEDCs (More Economically Developed Country)?”(800 – 1000 words). Refer to the unit of Lithosphere Unit and your own research (e.g. school library and websites).

Research and compile information about the following points – * Describe what causes earthquake eruptions giving complete explanations and examples. * Identify and describe the strategies used to predict earthquakes. * Research and collect data how LEDCs and MEDCs are affected by earthquakes. * Explain what affects the strategies planned to overcome the aftereffects of earthquakes in LEDCs and MEDCs. * Analyze precautions which are taken during earthquakes in LEDCs and MEDCs. * Collect data for supporting your views.

* Suggest what else people can do to reduce the losses happening due to the earthquakes. * Use humanities terminology in context.
* You can use subheadings in the Report.
* Cite your references in proper format.
* Submit your handwritten Report in A4 size sheets.
* You can also refer to these links: -

Criteria to be assessed:
Criterion A: Knowing and understanding
Achievement level| Level descriptor|
0| The...
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