early years care and education level 2

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Health and Safety
Example Risk Assessment for Child Care setting such as a nursery or child minder Setting the scene
The manager carried out the risk
assessment in this nursery, which is
located on a
suburban residential
estate. It caters for 20 children aging
from 6 months to 11 years of age. The
manager is a full-time member of staff,
as is the deputy manager who provides
cover for the manager. Both the
manager and the assistant manager
are appointed persons for first aid.
There are ten other staff members, a
mixture of part and full time staff and
some students on work placement.
Most staff are carers however there is
also a cook and a part-time caretaker.




How was the risk assessment done?
The manager followed the guidance in Five steps to risk
assessment (www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/indg163.pdf).
1. To identify the hazards, the manager:

www.preston.gov.uk/childcare to learn where hazards can
occur, including the pages for child care

walked around the nursery and all other areas, noting
things that might pose a risk and taking into consideration
what they’d learnt from the websites. They also took
occasional activities, such as changing displays or light
bulbs, into account;

talked to members of staff to listen to their concerns and
opinions about health and safety issues in the nursery;

looked at the accident book, to understand what previous
problems had occurred..
2. The manager then wrote down who could be harmed by the
hazards and how.
3. For each hazard, the manager wrote down what controls, if any, were in place to manage these hazards. Where they didn’t
consider existing controls good enough, the manager wrote down what else needed to be done to control the risk.
4. The manager discussed the findings with staff and pinned a copy of the risk assessment up in the staff room. They put the risk assessment into practice, making sure that each identified action was done and ticking each one off as it was completed. They also decided to make it part of the induction process for new staff. 5. The manager decided to review and update the risk assessment every year or straightaway if any major changes in the workplace happened.




Important reminder
This example risk assessment shows
the kind of approach a small
business might take. Use it as a
guide to think through some of the
hazards in your business and the
steps you need to take to control the
risks. Please note that it is not a
generic risk assessment that you can
just put your company name on and
adopt wholesale without any thought.
This would not satisfy the law – and
would not be effective in protecting
Every business is different – you
need to think through the hazards
and controls required in your
business for yourself.


Preston City Council - Example Risk Assessment for a Child Care Setting www.preston.gov.uk/childcare






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What are the
Slips and Trips

Who might be
harmed and
Staff, children
and visitors may
be injured if they
trip over objects,
slip on spillages,
or fall down

What are you already doing?

Manual Handling

If children fall
against sharp or
hard edges they
may suffer
Staff risk injuries
or back pain
from handling
objects e.g.
deliveries of

Good housekeeping.
All areas well lit, including
No trailing leads or cables.
All staff keep work areas
clear e.g. no boxes left in
walkways, deliveries stored
All rooms cleared and
tidied throughout the day
and before staff leave.
A child safe stair gate is
fitted at the top and bottom
of every stair case.

What further
action is
• Spillages in the
kitchen to be

Action by

Action by


All kitchen staff...
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