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Topics: The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions, The Matrix Pages: 3 (1596 words) Published: April 21, 2015
The Matrix is a highly action-packed, exciting movie. It is primarily shown to be a dystopia through its use of setting and characters. The trailer is our main focus. We start by looking at setting. Reality is an illusion. This is the main conflict that Neo (the main protagonist) has throughout the movie. Otherwise known as the plot. One of the key elements of a dystopia is the main characters idea of a controlling society. He is seen in a club, in which people can be seen smoking, taking drugs, alcohol, sex and other profanity associations. This is a place for people who don’t believe they like where they are. Hatred against the world is a reason for unity which is otherwise known as an uprising against government. This is a key reason for the movie to be dystopic. The computer inside the matrix imagines all senses. The computers control all feeling. This is an example of technological control. These machines have progressed enough to oppress their own creators. They completely control all sources of information, independent thought, freedom, or individuality, all characteristics of a dystopian society. Also, the natural world has been completely banned from The Matrix, These many facts combined with the theme of control and technological dictatorship help cement in our minds that The Matrix is a dystopia. The movie was ultimately created to be dystopic due to technology. 1990s faced the most technological changes such as mobile phones, email, DVDs and the internet. This lead to the Wachowski brothers presenting the movie to be a realisation of the extent of all technology. In the Matrix, technology has been used as a vision of utopia, where everyone is free and happy, yet in the real world, technology is the reason for oppression and death for which people die. We immediately realise that the Matrix is dystopian due to its technological control. A dystopic protagonist originates with questions about the world and looking for answers to absurd questions. In...
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