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Title: Brave New World
Author: Aldous Huxley
Date of Publication: 1932
Genre: Dystopian Literature

Biographical Information about the Author:
Aldous Huxley was a British writer born in Surrey, England on July 26, 1894. He studied science at Eton, but a problem with his eyes left him partially blind and he had to leave after three years. When it eventually improved he attended Oxford, receiving a degree in English Literature. Over the course of his life he wrote many books of all which ranged from topics of drugs and sex to religion and politics. In 1945, Huxley began experimenting with drugs, predominately LSD and mescaline. He died in California in 1963. Historical Information:

The novel was heavily influenced by theories of eugenics, the idea that regulation of genetic traits would improve society. 1932 was also an influential time period in United States history because it was at the height of the depression and many other people at that time period were forced to reevaluate their lives in order of “survival of the fittest.”

Characteristics of the Genre:
Dystopian novels apply extreme elements of contemporary society and function as a warning against some modern trend. They usually warn against an oppressive regime or liberal thought by a supposedly utopian society and proving that perfection cannot exist. Plot Summary:

The book begins with the Director of Hatcheries giving a tour of the :conditioning center” and “cloning” facilities. He introduces the Bokanovsky process of cloning and sleep teaching. Each person is put into a “caste” and then “conditioned” to fit into the role of that caste. Then Mustapha Mond, the World Controller of Western Europe, he explains the instability of the previous society and the improvements of the new society. He says the new society formed because an economic crisis that ensued after the Nine Years War allowed the world reformers to take control. Bernard Marx is then introduced as the short misconfigured Alpha who is insecure of his position. He likes Lenina Crowne, a Gamma, but does not display this in the traditional way in this society. Yet, he finally asks her on a date to the Savage reservation in New Mexico. Lenina, who also dates Henry Foster for a shot time, doesn't want to at first but then remembers long-term relationships are not exactly allowed. Bernard learns that the Director had been there previously with another girl who had gotten lost during a terrible unforeseen storm and had been forced to leave her there. When they get there they meet a young man named John and his mother Linda who is that woman the Director brought. Both are outsiders considering they were not native and Linda not having any soma has become an alcoholic. John begins to like Lenina he expects to find some romantic qualities that would make him unworthy of her attention. When they get back Bernard his humiliated by the Director but he then blackmails him when he brings out John, the Director's son, and the Director then resigns. However John does not like this new world he is introduced to and his feelings for Lenina grows stronger. He says that he loves her but does not advance in a physical relationship with her. John then learns that his mother died from an overdose of soma. He goes to the hospital to overhear people saying how ugly his mother is. He then thrashes soma away and starts an angry mob effort. Helmholtz, the prefect definition of an Alpha and a friend of John joins him against the mob. These two and Bernard are told to go to Mustapha Mond's office who then tells them of being deported. Everyone but John goes because Mond wants to continue his experiment. John runs away to a lighthouse and begins to self-harm to cleanse himself. Lenina comes with Henry Foster and angered by his memory of her advances he beats her. The crowd takes it...
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