Dyson Dc25

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K. Segrest
English 1111
Mrs. Cornelli
12 February 2013
The Dyson DC25 Ball Vacuum Cleaner
The Dyson DC25 Ball vacuum cleaner, overall, has the most powerful suction as well as maneuverability. I have used this cleaner for a few years now in my home cleaning business and when compared to the more traditional vacuum, I think it is well worth every penny spent on it. Although it does cost hundreds of dollars more than others that can be purchased, I think it has been more carefully designed for effectively cleaning houses versus the traditional upright. Purchasing a Dyson DC25 Ball will enhance the air you breathe with the HEPA filter that lasts a lifetime and is a great investment with its powerful suction, lengthy warranty, and many unique features. For many years the only vacuum that could be purchased was a traditional upright vacuum. When the Dyson Company produced this product, it changed the way I could clean my carpet and bare floors with less effort. The Ball makes it easy to turn and maneuver around all obstacles in my house. The first time I used the Dyson Ball, I looked at it like I needed an instruction manual. The hose on it is different than the average sweeper. There is a small cap on the hose that has to be lifted when the telescopic wand is pulled out of the other hose. Then one can hook attachments to that or take the metal telescopic hose off and then just use the rubber hose with attachments. The first time I did that I thought to myself, “How do I get this back together.” Without using a manual I figured out how to use the sweeper after the first few times I used it. I recommend reading the user manual first, so it takes less time to figure out how to use the sweeper. The appearance as well as the setup of the sweeper may be intimidating, but it is well worth every effort because it works very well. In the beginning, the Dyson Ball can be difficult to use since it’s not the same as a traditional upright sweeper. When reclined, the Dyson Ball has no wheels to help it move. The only parts touching the floor are the ball and the head that contains the rotating brush. The sweeper then easily glides back and forth along from left to right. After using the sweeper, be sure to push the red recline button to put it back in to the upright position. Since it maneuvers differently it can take some time getting used to. Once it is used, it will definitely be worth the time spent getting use to maneuvering the sweeper. One of the features it has is the button located by the power button that turns off the rotating brush. I think this is a great feature because the vacuum can be in the upright position with the rotating brush turned off so one is not tearing the carpet up in the process of using the hose and attachments. I have actually had a brush mark left on my new carpet from the brush being on while using the hose on another sweeper. Other vacuums I have used that offer the option to turn off the rotating brush do not pick up small particles as well as the Dyson ball. When using the Dyson Ball, you can feel the suction it has while using it on bare floors. While cleaning, the brush can be turned off and one can clean bare floors and then turn it back on to clean the rug in front of the back door. This feature makes cleaning much easier plus it does not take much effort to switch back and forth from the different options. Traditional vacuums generally have the option located on the head of the sweeper, and the Dyson Ball has it conveniently located by the power button. With the low profile head, the Dyson Ball can easily clean under sofas; whereas, with other sweepers, the attachments would need to be used to sweep those areas. It is very easy to use the sweeper under coffee tables and end tables without moving furniture. Most other vacuums have an adjustable height switch. This one does not, which makes it easy to go from carpet to wood floors because it self-adjusts to whatever it is cleaning....

Cited: “Dyson DC25 Ball All Floors.” Top Ten Reviews. Tech Media Network. 2013. Web. 17 Feb.2013.
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