Dynamic Web Service Selection for Reliable Web Service Composition
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Dynamic Web Service Selection for Reliable
Web Service Composition

Chan Yu Xuan, 1122700355, TC204, 016-9519871
Theresa Anne, 1122701506, TC204, 012-9206137



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Dynamic Web Service Selection for Reliable Web Service Composition
San-Yih Hwang, Ee-Peng Lim, Chien-Hsiang Lee, and ChengHung Chen
A Web service (WS) may constrain their invocation sequence because the WS may consist of multiple operations. Thus, the authors adopted finite state machine to determine the Web service (WS) operations invocation sequences. Additionally, the authors defined an aggregated reliability (AR) to measure the probabilities of leading to successful execution in a failure-prone environment. Then, the authors had proved that the AR computation equals to the calculation of the eigenvector. They proposed to derive AR using a power method. Besides, the authors proposed two WS selection strategies. Then, a prototype is developed to implement the proposed strategies using BPEL so as to determine the WS invocation order and allow for comparing the proposed strategies and other WS selection strategies.
The problem solved in this research paper is dynamic WS selection problem so as to maximize the chances of successful execution by using the AR as this method measures the probability of successful execution. Then, the authors propose AR-based and
CAR-based selection strategy for WS selection.
Dynamic WS selection means to select a WS so that the functionality of a composite WS is developed with an orchestration model at runtime. However, WS often constrain the sequences of operation invocation which comprises multiple operations. To overcome this, the authors applied AR-based and CAR-based selection strategy, Besides, the authors also considered fan-out based and random selection strategies. This is because this strategy makes selection decision based

References: Data Bases (VLDB 05), pp. 613-624, 2005. Intl Conf. Services Computing (SCC 04), pp. 23-30, 2004. Intl Conf. Web Services (ICWS 05), pp. 621-628, 2005. 144-149, 2004.

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