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1. Describe four ways that technology-delivered support services benefit the service desk.
Internet, e-mail, instant messaging and chat services.

2. What role do technologies such as he telephone, IM, and chat play in delivering support?
Customers have the ability to interact with a human being. This gives the customers an option to use when they not to wait for an email response that could take longer.

3. What role does e-mail play in delivering support?
Email provides the sending and receiving of email about any information. Customers will use email, when they are in desperate need of information at the current time.

4. What role does the Web play in delivering support?
Web services give customers the ability to interact with service desk analysts. Customers also have the ability to use web services to modify account information.

5. How are information and data different?
Data is raw fats not structured in a meaningful way. Information is data that is organized in a meaningful way.

6. How do good writing and keyboarding skills benefit people working in a service desk?
Quickly capture accurate and consistent data, wider range of responsibilities, greater opportunities, communicate with customers and management.

7. Describe five ways that companies such as hardware manufacturers and software publishers are enabling customers to help themselves.
Order products
Obtain product information
Discover solutions to incidents
Online help embedding diagnostics

8. Explain how intranets and extranets are different than the Internet.
Extranets are websites that can be accessed over the internet publicly, but a password is needed to login 9. What are the keys to a successful service desk Web site?
Functionality and ease of use.

10. List four ways that companies can use e-mail to communicate with customers.
Inform customers about status
Provide online forms
Conduct satisfaction surveys

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