Duty of Care

Topics: Law, Accident, Occupational safety and health Pages: 2 (616 words) Published: June 1, 2013
'Duty of Care'

As the owner of my own nursery i have a 'duty of care' to my employees, children and visitors. The legal definition of 'duty of care' is; 'a requirement that a person acts reasonably towards others and the public with reasonable watchfulness, attention, caution and prudence to avoid acts or omissions that could expose people, for whom there is responsibility, to a reasonably foreseeable risk to injury'. (http://www.psctas.org.au/pdf/doc.pdf) If a member of staff did not meet this standard of care, their act is thought to be negligent and could end up in a conviction if anyone came to any harm. Courts impose a strict 'duty of care' on all people working with children because children don't quite realize when they are putting themselves in danger and can be very easily injured. All activities which are to be carried out have to be carefully looked at before hand to make sure they will be safe, this is an example of 'duty of care'. A 'duty of care’ is to take responsible care of a person in your care who is reasonably likely to be at risk of getting injured or affected by any activities being carried out. Within childcare this applies to the children and their families. There are two different duties of care. Firstly a legal duty of care, an example could be health and safety procedures where clear guidance is given about what precautions should be taken to ensure no one is to come to any injury or harm. Also a moral ‘duty of care’, which is more about the responsibility of a person to look after the safety and welfare of a child. I as an employer am legally obliged to make sure the health and safety of all my employees is not affected by any activities carried out in the setting. I also have to make sure anyone coming into the setting like children, parents and visitors will not be affected badly by any activities.

This will affect the day to day running of my business because every activity which is planned will have to go through a certain...
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