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Duracell is a member of the Gillette Company owned by Proctor & Gamble and is the alkaline battery market leader holding approximately 50 percent of the U.S. market share. Gillette's overall goal focuses on the skillful marketing of superior technology to achieve worldwide leadership. The Duracell name means reliability to consumers and that is why their products are trusted by customers every day. They use the most advanced technologies to ensure that the power is there when the customers need it to be. One of the reasons why I chose this product over the rest of the competitors of this market is because Duracell I find has more appealing advertisement, such as its innovative commercials. In addition, they're more appealing to the public because of the brightness of its color and bold name which is part of a good product presentation. As requisite for our Marketing class, I will discuss all of the relevant aspects in this Marketing Mix of the Duracell product.


Brand Name
Company Image
Duracell appears to have a long-term vision to adapt to the changing electronic device market. The "Trusted Everywhere" campaign reflects customers' basic emotional needs for security and reliability. By answering consumer's demands for new technology, it indicates Duracell's customer-oriented values. The main conflict that Duracell has right now is with consumers deciding to purchase rechargeable batteries as opposed to Prismatic. Features & Benefits

Duracell has made sure of launching products that may be of valuable use to its consumers. These products include the commonly used AA, AAA, C, D and 9 volt batteries. They've also kept up with the recent advances in technology launching products such as the Duracell power reserve, which is a usb device that keeps hours of power back up in electronic devices such as cell phones, ipods, ipads, digital cameras, etc. They have available their rechargeable batteries which helps conserve energy and also save consumers lots of money. Duracell also makes specialty batteries used for security and medical devices as well as digital cameras, watches and electronics that might require smaller batteries or button batteries. In addition, Duracell has hearing aid batteries which has been named as the first easy to replace hearing aid battery and first to receive the Use of Commendation from the Arthritis foundation. They've also launched into the market their own digital memories that consist of flash drives, memory cards and hard drives consumers can trust to do the job. Furthermore, they offer consumers handy and useful products such as the inverters and jump starters and auto and marine batteries. So I think it is safe to say that if a consumer has a need concerning any of the products mentioned above, Duracell delivers low priced energy that lasts. Packaging

One packaging function that Duracell focuses on most is promoting the product to differentiate it from its competitors. The packages colors, slogan, logo, theme and presentation have grown onto consumers making it easy for them to identify this brand and differentiate it from competitors, such as Energizer. As we read in chapter 10 (pg. 370), Duracell uses both a persuasive and informative labeling. The front of the package reflects a persuasive labeling promoting the theme and logo of the product. The back section of the product gives the consumer information and details in regards to the battery such as its durability, features, etc., which we can refer to as an informational labeling.


A channel of distribution can be defined as the collection of organizational units, institutions, or agencies within or external to the manufacturer, which perform the functions that support the marketing of the product. The structure of a distribution channel is determined by the marketing functions that specific organizations perform. Some channel members perform single functions-carriers...
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