Dunkin Donuts

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Dunkin Donuts
The ultimate success of a company depends on the people chosen to lead the company. That fact means that it is the organization’s goal to select the best quality managers and employees possible that will push the organization to its goal. The work environment is what will ultimately reflect the employee’s view of the organization. Dunkin Donuts’ team-oriented design has helped them climb the ranks as one of the leaders in the coffeehouse industry. Although the company is widely successful now, it has had several organizational redesigns that have made it into the power house it is today. The Functional structure of Dunkin’ Donuts is made up of their Organization, job design, their competitive advantage, risk they face, and the working relationship of the organization.
Organizing To Become Dunkin Donuts
Once the difficult part of determining exactly what one wants to accomplish as an organization is complete, the next step is the structural setup of the organization. The organization hierarchy is crucial to the overall success of the organization. Kator states one of the key philosophies of the Dunkin Donuts organization is to keep people and products moving efficiently (Kator ). The company was founded in 1950 as an American global doughnut company and coffeehouse chain based in Canton, Massachusetts by William Rosenberg. The name changed from Kettle Donuts in 1949 to the corporate name Dunkin' Donuts’ adopted in 1950. Rosenberg conceived of the idea for the chain after his experiences selling food in factories and at construction sites, where doughnuts and coffee were the two most popular items (Wikipedia). Since 2009 the Dunkin Brands group has been under the leadership of Nigel Travis and his management team; Dunkin Brands, nearly a 100 percent franchised system, has delivered a compound annual growth rate of 6.2 percent in system wide sales (Quick Facts). Travis has really spearheaded the revitalization of the Dunkin Brand.
Job Designing At

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