Drinking and Driving

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Drinking and driving (stress on body and mind)

If you love your life, you would never drink and drive. It is very interesting how human beings ignore the simple rules that end up costing their lives or their money. Every injury and death caused by drunk driving is completely preventable. This phenomenon of alcohol-impaired driving has remained to be an international problem that affects many people each year. Drinking alcohol has resulted to an increase in the number of orphans and single parents. Youths are the most affected by this issue of driving while drunk. Drivers with high blood alcohol concentration or content (BAC) are at a greater risk of highway injuries, vehicular deaths, and car accidents. According to some facts, the average blood alcohol concentration among the seriously injured drinking drivers is .16. The high BAC drivers are mostly the males who are between the ages of 25-35. Drinking while driving is an issue that should be addressed internationally because it is one of the main contributors of deaths among many victims. One personal story I have on being intoxicated and high behind the wheel is one of my friends I just recently met was killed in a car accident. He was 18 years old just started college and had a whole life ahead of him. His name was Darian Ramnarine. His friend Joseph Beer age of 17 was behind the wheel possibly under the influence 3:00 driving around Long Island where he reached exit 17 going at the speed of 110 mph where he hit a curb coming up from a hill form the southern state parkway crossing three lanes of traffic and skidding into trees, one of which tore the car in half. The car ejected the 4 other friends including the friend I knew and splitting 2 of the victims in half and the other 2 were thrown out so hard they’re bodies were damaged and at the viewing the caskets were closed. Christopher Khan, Neal Rajaba, Darian Ramnarine, Peter Kanhai were all the victims killed in this incident. The driver Joseph Beer survived without a scratch but he is facing 25 years of jail time for being intoxicated/high and only having a learners permit driving in the night at 3am. Now because of his mistakes 4 families have to pay for it. They’ve all lost a son and they’re no going back on this incident. This could have all been avoided if the driver had made the right decisions. He too is suffering 25 years in jail by the time he comes out he will be 42 years old no career no kids and no more future for him, his life is basically done. The worst part is he has to live with what he has done which is killed 4 of his close friends. He also has everyone’s hatred towards him. To understand how drinking alcohol would affect the human body, it is important to review how it affects the body, and especially the brain. The human brain is the center of control for all the body functions. It is so unfortunate that alcohol affects this most crucial part of the body. From the health analysts, alcohol is a depressant and it slows the brain functions so that an individual cannot respond to situations, react quickly, or make decisions. The brain communication pathways are interfered with, which has the effects of changing behavior and mood. Extreme levels of drinking, which range above 30 units per day, cause psychosis. This is a very critical mental illness where a person develops effects of delusions and hallucinations. There are various facts about alcohol drinking and driving. It is estimated that 32 percent of the fatal car crashes involve an intoxicated pedestrian or a driver and this is true as I said above from a personal experience. Every year, almost 13,000 people die in alcohol related accidents, and thousands more injured. These crashes cost the American taxpayers more than $100 billion (NCADD). Regardless of all this, one should remember that it still could be controlled. Drinking and driving cannot go together. The human brain coordinates many things, and processes countless data. As...

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