Dreams From My Father Analysis

Topics: Rhetorical question, Typography, Linguistics Pages: 4 (763 words) Published: December 18, 2015

Both writers from “Dreams from my Father” and “The Life you Imagine” used various writing strategies to convey their challenges and experiences. To me, the strategies both authors used were very effective in getting the point across to their readers. Colloquial language, figurative language, academic vocabulary and descriptive details are examples of some common strategies they put in place.

Jeter used rhetorical questions and colloquial language to convey his experience about his goals and dreams and reaching them. Eventually winning Player of the Year and starting out for the Yankees in 1995 are such goals and dreams. In paragraph 2 page 61, Jeter uses rhetorical questions. The quote is: “What would you love to do? What are you good at?...

He is a politician and the president of the United States. If he used colloquial language, it would not fit. He is supposed to be fancy and civilized, therefore he used academic language. One of the quotes he uses academic vocabulary is in paragraph 2 page 69: “At some point, then, in a stubborn desire to protect myself from scrutiny, in spite of the periodic impulse to abandon the entire project, what has found its way onto these pages is a record of a personal, interior journey- a boy’s search for his father, and through that search a workable meaning for his life as a black American”. Obama also uses figurative language to clearly represent to his readers what his point and goal to get across to them was. One such time is in paragraph 1 page 69: “Or, more accurately, it was only then that I understood that I had spent much of my life trying to rewrite these stories, plugging up holes in the narrative, accommodating unwelcome details projecting choices against the blind sweep of history, all in the hope of extracting some granite slab of truth upon which my unborn children can firmly stand.”. The figurative language here is a metaphor. “A granite slab of truth upon which my unborn children can firmly stand.”, means that he isn’t really extracting a granite slab, but he is trying to find truth to his family’s past and his past so his “unborn children” can have safety, comfort, and...
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