Dream House

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Dream House

As I get closer and closer to the island the house that I have always dreamed about awaits me. I can see it from a mile away. Everyone has that house that they ,have always dreamed about. It is so massive, that it is the most noticeable construction on the island. My own private plane lands on the landing strip located next to the house. As soon as I get off the plane, I then begin my voyage down the path that leads to my dream house. I am anxious to get to the house that I will spend the rest of my life in. Everything that surrounds me is simply amazing including all the trees and plants. It feels so good to be at a peaceful place and all you can hear are the birds chirping, smell the salt sea air. A nice tropical breeze on your skin, and warm white sand on my feet. As I draw nearer to the end of the road, my dream starts to appear. After all these years, I can now see my residence up close. Nothing could ever compare to the sight of my house. Nothing could have compared to the moment I was experiencing. What is better than looking at something you designed? My house is a five-story dream that lies on a twenty-acre lot. As I come near to the entrance of the house, four columns that lead to the most elegant doors in the world then surround me. The doors were made of mahogany with glass stained windows in the center of the each door. Each handle was made of brass along with brass frames. As I continue to walk around my house, I come across five windows that seem to overlook the house’s entrance. On each window, there are black shutters. The porch then continues to the backside of the house, as I am able to look over the ocean. When I look down at the ocean, I can see that there are two piers that protrude out in the ocean. The walls of the house are made of a good material to avoid damage from any weather. The outside of my house has an amazing view and I can only imagine what the rest looks like. On the inside of my house, I am able to stand...
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