Drama Write Up 2

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Character Write up


Sean Jones who portrayed Mickey used various techniques to show contrast throughout the stages of Mickeys life beginning at the age of seven up to dying around eighteen.

!To begin with Sean was very active and typically energetic as a young child. By his tone and pitch constantly increasing we perceived how juvenile he was. Sean also used expressive and exaggerated words to show his youthful eagerness. When in trouble Sean portrayed this by dragging his feet, making slow strides showing contrast to his happy self. His facial expressions were also very exaggerated showing how each emotion effected him.

!At fourteen Mickey was portrayed differently. Sean often had his hands in his pockets using closed body language with hunched shoulders, scuffing his feet. His pace was much slower to when he was younger as a typical adolescent with embarrassed, scowling facial expressions.

!After turning eighteen Sean portrayed him to be more like his seven year old self with more lively expressions, portraying his happiness, once again showing contrast. Sean used a deeper pitch showing his approach to adulthood. During adulthood Sean acted more intimidating and aggressive, his proxemics becoming closer to Eddies character.

!During adult life Mickeys character was very blank and expressionless, with a monotone pitch. His posture was introverted making slow movements which were zombie like representing his approach to death. Sean’s body language became more aggressive with his voice getting louder when he was nearing death.

!Sean’s clothing changed throughout the stages of mickeys life beginning with Rag-like clothes with holes and a scruffiness to them. He then went on to wearing a typical school uniform showing his characters maturity and growth. Sean often like many other actors wore brighter colours in happier times in his life and darker scruffier clothes in the sad times.

!Mark Hutchinson playing Eddie was very controversial to...
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