Dr. Michael Hawes: Informative Speech on Economics, Politics, Pipelines, and Election

Topics: United States, Fulbright Program, J. William Fulbright Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Michael Innamorato
Rhetorical analysis paper.
DR. Michael Hawes gave an informative speech on Economics, politics, pipelines and the election: as well as Canada-US relations in an increasingly complex world. He used a PowerPoint to portray his ideas and talked about topics such as roots of Canadian foreign policy, the rising impact of the U.S, free trade and North American integration, and diversification. His speech wasn’t that interesting to younger adult’s such as me because he talked a lot about politics but he was very funny keeping me entertained which is always a plus. He established a clear central thesis, although he said “this is my central thesis” and established his main points. He transitioned into each point individually and took time to explain each concept it took a long time but he didn’t shy away from all the details.

Dr. Michael Hawes speech was credible because he is a professor of political science, a tireless advocate of international education, and a proud alumnus of the fullbright program. He assumed the leadership of Fulbright Canada in September of 2001 and has had the privilege of directing the program through some very exciting times. He is Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation for Educational Exchange between Canada and the United States of America, Executive Director of the Canada - U.S. Fulbright Program, and Executive Director of the Killam Fellowships Program. Under his direction Fulbright Canada has witnessed dramatic growth in its programs and in the number of students and scholars that the program supports.

DR. Michael Hawes appealed to the audience because he took his time to explain he concept he was talking about with full detail. He used statistics sparingly but with great effect because they were such interesting statistics. He was funny and made the audience laugh several times during his speech. He used a PowerPoint as a visual aid to we could clearly see the trends he was talking about and to see things...
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