Dr Faustus a Brief Summary

Topics: Devil, God, Innuendo Pages: 4 (1148 words) Published: June 20, 2012
Act 1 scene 3
lucifer fell due to “pride/insolence” - features present in Faustus suggesting the humanity and at time capricious nature of human spirit which can reult in sinister and hellish consequences thus demonstrating the need for a GOD and guidance to prevent man form the error of his ways as were are inherently imperfect “Unhapper spirits” “fell” suggest the decline from superior to a lesser thus showing the inherent belief that even the devil places superior value in heaven The devil, bears the humanity to warn Faustus of his sinister intentions “leave these frivioulous demands” despite faustus being intellectual prodigious student, his intuition is infantile, and is the undoing of him Faustus has childish vidions, an extension of his trivial mindset, one which fails to grasp the gravity of his situation, ironic = he’s an idiot

Act 1 scene 4
echos previous scene yet colours it with a hue of foolish mockery, alluding to the senseless deal being devied “shoulder of mutton” something insignificant draws a contrast to the magic faustus wants and suggests this wish is equally idiotic comic scene serves to structurally balance the semantic field by interspersing the plot between periods of comic and seriousness, however also contrasts and comments on the serious scene, although foolishsuperficial serve a deeper meaning alternatively the candid and careless fashion with which these serious themes are thrown about may be Marlowe communicating the overly serious given to faith serve devils, diminishes any worth faustus felt, disparit of class undeducated equally accessible showing the level of religion they dont care ur social standing only one meausre is valued, purity of faith, should this fall then there are consequences sexual innuendo “all he devils has horns and all she devils has clefts and cloves” Robin would use the powers to turn in to a flea - again commenting on the triviality ofi t all dilutes seriousness of main plot

Act 2 scene 1...
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