Downfalls of Retail Pharmacy

Topics: Pharmacy, Wage, Employment Pages: 1 (404 words) Published: April 14, 2009
Something that disturbs me about being a pharmacist in retail pharmacy is knowing that I am responsible for what everyone under me does. Something as little as a technician making a dispensing mistake (bottling the wrong drug) can cause me to get fired or even lose my license. I am also bothered about the long hours that pharmacists have to work. About 90% of the job is done on foot and this seems pretty tiresome. I still have questions as to why this is so. What is it about this career that people barely sit down? Another disturbing factor I came across is having to work with sick patients. These types of people are usually the worst to work with because they are not in a very friendly mood. I wonder what is it that motivates pharmacists to do this because I would probably be afraid of catching their ailing germs. I would also like to know how pharmacists manage to put up with several different attitudes in any given day and still finish their job with a smile on their face.

I have been told by several people that pharmacy is a career that will always be in high demand. I do believe this, but I wonder if the pay wages will decrease in the near future? A problem that I for see with this is the government finding a way to cut back on the average salary of a pharmacist. If this were to happen, there would not be anything that I could do about it besides complain. I do not necessarily see any scientific problems with this career because technology is steadily increasing and finding ways to make everyday life easier. However, I do see a problem with technology becoming too advanced to the point where people are not manually doing their jobs anymore.

A feminist stance that I could embody as being a pharmacist would be to perform my job with my head held high and not let anyone convince me otherwise. Feeling passionate about what I do and not just doing it for the money will also help me to succeed as a woman in this career. Being a strong leader in the...
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