Down Syndrome

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Having a Down syndrome is such a difficult situation for an individual to have. They have slow physical and mental capabilities that lead them to discrimination. Physical features of having a Down syndrome. Including flattening of the head; slanting of the eyelids; a gap between the first and the second toes; a depressed nasal bridge; relatively small ears, mouth, hands and feet; short stature; decreased muscle tone and loose ligaments among others. Not every child with Down syndrome has all of these characteristics and some may have only a few. But other characteristic, if not appropriately can be including hearing deficits, congenital disease, eye abnormalities, intestinal obstruction, thyroid dysfunction and skeletal problems. Children with Down syndrome have limited intellectual ability, however, the level of retardations usually in the mild to moderate range. Children with Down syndrome have more similarities to other children that they have differences. The most grow up to live independent and productive lives.

This paper is an attempt to stop discrimination among the child who has Down syndrome. To the readers, for them to have some knowledge in terms of dealing with the person with Down syndrome.


The following specific questions will help the researchers to give a complete development of the entire study:

1. What is Down syndrome?

2. What are the types of Down syndrome?

3. What are the signs and symptoms of having a down syndrome?

4. What causes Down syndrome?

5. What are some incidences of having a Down syndrome?

6. How is Down syndrome diagnosed?

7. What are some health issues of Down syndromes?

8. How to raise a child with Down syndrome?

9. What are some consequences related to parenting a child with Down syndrome?


Discrimination is the greatest problem faced by Down syndrome patients. This will be prevented through proper government intervention.


To all the readers of this research paper, for them to have some knowledge concerning down syndrome, to learn how to take good care of a person having Down syndrome, to be able to get a chance of adding up my knowledge not only things learned inside the classroom but also situation is not common and to have skills and ability in terms dealing with Down syndrome. E. SCOPE AND DELIMITATION

This term paper directly focuses on Down syndrome: A Congenital Disorder. The nature of definition of Down syndrome is the integral parts of the study. The cause, symptoms and signs, consequences and medical problems are also included in the study. F. METHODOLOGY

The researcher had done two different libraries to borrow and read books, internet surfing, read some magazines and newspaper. G. DEFINITION OF TERMS
1. Chromosomes – any of the microscopic rod-shaped bodies bearing genes responsible for the transmission of hereditary characteristics.[1] 2. Mongoloid - a people who are considered one of the main proto-populations for the race.[2] 3. Maternal age – describes the exponentially increasing risks for numerical chromosomal abilities among prospective mother’s gametes as she ages.[3] 4. Congenital Heart Disease- is a defect in the structure of the heart and great vessels of a newborn.[4] 5. Dermatoglyphics - is the scientific study of finger prints.[5] 6. Mosaicism – some of the cells in the body are normal and some cells have trisomy 21.[6] 7. Translocation – cause by rearrangement of parts between non homologous chromosomes.[7] 8. Brushfield spots – are small whiteor grayish brown spots on the...

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