Dove China Imc Report

Topics: Marketing, Advertising, Public relations Pages: 4 (1134 words) Published: August 25, 2013
IMC report: Dove winning in China
Intro to Advertising (MKTG1294)
Nguyen Trung Kien (3425426)
Group 1

In 2010 Dove faced a serious crisis in Chinese market. Dove’s sales declined rapidly, while its main competitor, Olay, grew. Comparing to other top five shower gel brand Dove had a tiny 2% market share. Dove was expensive and not well distributed. In addition Chinese women considered Dove to be worse then Olay. So it is rational for Dove to withdraw from Chinese market. However they decided to take the last chance with an increased media budget to raise market share. Dove’s main objectives were:

1) Expand market share from 2.1% to 3.4%.
2) Demonstrably increase ‘nourishment’ brand perception. 3) Demonstrably increase ‘beauty’ brand perception.
To achieve these goals Dove used IMC. So IMC tools used in campaign were PR, advertising and Sales Promotion/Point of Purchase. How was PR used in the campaign?
During re-launch of the new product Dove ran a campaign where they used real women to show real beauty in their adverts instead of glamour models or celebrities. This campaign certainly seems to be working in China. And it created a positive relationship on Chinese women. So how did Dove do that? First of all Dove did a research to understand Chinese women’s psychology. They said: “There are no ugly women. Just lazy ones” From the insights of Chinese women, Dove set its brand POV that every woman should unleash her beauty potential. And they decided to use only real women in their communications. Throughout the campaign Dove kept investing in social media. They created an event where women were invited to share their beauty stories online. Even though the purpose of these events on Internet was to create awareness, which is more suitable for Advertising, I personally think that this tool was PR, as it does not only create awareness but also somehow develops a positive relationship between Dove and their customers. According to Al Ries and...
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