Topics: Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, Defense of the Ancients Pages: 6 (838 words) Published: January 9, 2013
Complete: at this point these heroes retain largely the same skills they do today, with of course tweaking on how the skills work. Mostly Complete: at this point these heroes have had one/two of their abilities replaced between then and now. Signature: at this point these heroes only had their 'signature' skill that makes them what they are, such as Rikimaru’s Permanent Invisibility. This is a subjective measure. Remade: these heroes were completely remade by Icefrog. Their old selves are not listed. Original: these heroes were made (and remade) during Icefrog’s tenure, the newest additions to our family!

Reign of Chaos Heroes:
 Juggernaut (Signature) – Blade Dance, Ulti Blade Fury
 Lich (Mostly Complete) – Frost Nova, Dark Ritual, Frost Armor

Heroes under Eul (with Kegsta, Fluffy_Bunny etc.): Original DotA  Bone Fletcher (Mostly Complete) – Visible Windwalk, Strafe, Searing Arrows  Crystal Maiden (Mostly Complete) – Crystal Nova, Frostbite, Small Brilliance Aura  Dragon Knight (Complete)

 Juggernaut (Mostly Complete) – + Healing Ward
 Moon Rider (Mostly Complete) – Lucent Beam, Trueshot Lunar Blessing, Eclipse  Magnataur (Signature) – Reverse Polarity
 Omniknight (Complete)
 Stealth Assassin (Signature) – Permanent Invisibility
 Sniper (Signature) – Non-Ulti Assassinate, Headshot
 Tormented Soul (Complete)
 Troll Warlord (Signature) – No-bash Berserker Rage

The Frozen Throne Heroes:
 Alchemist (Signature) – Non-Ulti Chemical Rage, Small Acid Spray  Beastmaster (Signature) – Boar & Hawk Call of the Wild
 Neurbian Assassin (Signature) – Impale, Passive Spiked Carapace  Pandaren Brewmaster (Mostly Complete) – Drunken Haze, Drunken Brawler, Primal Split  Queen of Pain (Mostly Complete) – Shadow Strike, Blink, Scream of Pain  Shadow Shaman (Signature) – Voodoo, Non-Ulti Serpent Ward

All-stars Heroes (TFT DotA 7.0, Darkness Falls DotA, TX DotA, DX DotA): ?-0.96b  Broodmother (Signature) – Web, Spawn Spiderlings
 Death Prophet (Signature) – Carrion Swarm, Silence
 Demon Witch (Complete)
 Doombringer (Signature) – Doom
 Faceless Void (Signature) – Backtrack, Timelock, Mapwide Chronosphere   Neurbian Assassin (Mostly Complete) – Vendetta, Mana Burn  Prophet (Signature) – Root Sprout, Teleportation, Force of Nature  Rogue Knight (Mostly Complete) – Storm Bolt, Great Cleave, God’s Strength  Shadow Shaman (Complete)

 Skeleton King (Complete)
 Slayer (Mostly Complete) – Dragon Slave, Light Strike Array, Laguna Blade  Slithereen Guard (Signature) – Slithereen Crush, Bash

Heroes under Guinsoo (taken from various sources): 2.60–5.84b  Anti-Mage (Mostly Complete) – Mana Break, Blink, Togglable Spell Shield, Mana Void  Bane Elemental (Complete)
 Bone Fletcher (Complete)
 Bounty Hunter (Complete)*
 Broodmother (Complete)
 Butcher (Complete)
 Centaur Warchief (Complete)
 Chaos Knight (Mostly Complete) – Chaos Bolt, Random Critical Strike, Phantasm   Crystal Maiden (Complete)
 Death Prophet (Complete)
 Doombringer (Mostly Complete) – + Devour, Lvl? Death
 Drow Ranger (Complete)
 Gorgon (Signature) – Mana Shield, Ulti Splitshot
 Juggernaut (Complete)
 Keeper of the Light (Mostly Complete) – Illuminate, Spellcast Mana Leak, Chakra Magic  Lich (Complete)
 Lone Druid (Complete)
 Lord of Olympia (Complete)
 Lycanthrope (Complete)
 Magnataur (Mostly Complete) – Shockwave, No-splash Empower  Moon Rider(Complete)
 Morphling (Signature) – Morph
 Naga Siren (Mostly Complete) – Mirror Image, Ensnare, Song of the Siren  Necrolyte (Mostly Complete) – Death Pulse, Castable Heartstopper, Sadist, Reaper’s Scythe  Nightstalker (Complete)
 Oblivion (Complete)
 Ogre Magi (Mostly Complete) – Fireblast, Bloodlust, Automatic Multicast  Pandaren Brewmaster (Complete)
 Phantom Assassin (Signature) – Permanent Blur, Coup de Grace  Prophet (Complete)
 Queen of Pain (Complete)
 Sand King (Signature) – Burrowstrike, Epicenter
 Slithereen Guard (Complete)
 Dwarven Sniper (Complete)
 Soul Keeper (Mostly...
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