Dont Get Me Started on Facebook

Topics: Love-hate relationship, Love, Hate Pages: 2 (728 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Don’t get me started on Facebook – it’s a love hate relationship Facebook, The mere word makes me want to scream. It’s the root of all evil, the root of all complaint, the root of all relationship break ups and argument. The annoyance of the world, I just want to take the ‘book’ from the name, a hit the creator over the head with it; it is the destroyer of spelling, punctuation and grammar. I hate how this form of social media has evolved into this irritable, irresistible essence, like a heart in a body supplying us with arrogating statuses of which show no significance, banal pictures in which I am constantly tagged in and its never-ending game request for Farmville. Firstly those status’ that make little or no sense. Those aggravating, meaningless, unintelligent rants, now capped off with those irrelevant hash tags and emoticons. “Just deleted my myspace page #IsThisLife #teamlightie #banter #nightout #tun-up #food #TeamSocialNetwork #Laptop *thumbs up*”. Hash tags, what is the point. Firstly if you’re going to hash something, at least make it relevant to the subject you are talk about, or you could not waste my life, by writing time wasting, daft statuses that will appear of my timeline. Facebook the annoyance of the world, and yet I can’t live without it, I blame myself; it is as though I am dependant on these ill-advised, unnecessary, addictive anecdotes they call statuses. Emoticons! Another annoying habit developed by Facebook, now a days I can’t read a status without my eyes grazing upon those round, pale, unfunny, unrealistic emoticons, more known as smiles; which I find ironic, considering only one of them is an actual smiley face. Rows, list, columns and now even additional app, just for more smileys. “Just bought Mc D’s :D :D :s *love struck* <3”, what’s is the point. Tags. How could I forget those unknown people you have on your Facebook, that think they have the right to tag you in the most absurd pictures, with an unrelated caption, at...
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