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Topics: Sociology, Suicide, Facebook Pages: 2 (808 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Social Media Takes Over: the Effects of Internet Obsession
It all started on February 4th, 2004. Facebook, that is. Facebook is the latest craze not only to teenagers, but parents and children as well. Ever since Facebook launched, it has spread like a wildfire. In addition, other sites such as Twitter and Instagram have gained popularity. In other words, social media is everywhere. It is on billboards, apps in cell phones, and everyone is talking about it. Furthermore, it has even created a new type of slang made up of acronyms (“OMG, LOL, and BRB”). However, this craze does not exactly mean that social media is a good thing. How much damage is it causing? Social media causes problems with health, social interaction, and bullying.

Social media can harm the health of an individual. Health is crucial. If one does not maintain their health, one can potentially die. Nowadays, many children cannot stay away from social networking, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These children are spending their days online and indoors, rather than playing outside. As a result, our youth is becoming inactive and obese. In addition, more and more children are diagnosed with diabetes. Their lives are increasingly stationary with little activity. Moreover, I remember when I was younger, I would spend my entire day running around and playing with our neighbors’ kids. I was happy and I was healthy. There was always that one kid that showed off his new cell phone. Incidentally, he was more on the chubby side. If he spent more time playing with the other kids rather than playing with fancy gadgets, he might have been a bit healthier. In addition, when the internet was introduced, it was like a widespread virus. Everyone had a computer and was online. The health of children (who are constantly logged onto social media sites) can be at stake.

Social network addicts who spend their day hidden under a “cyber blanket” are hiding from the outside world. Face-to-face interaction...
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