Don t Commit Suicide

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Don’t Commit Suicide-Get help now!
Recheina Darden
Professional Pathways

People should be forced to seek treatment for mental illness if they are unwilling to get treatment themselves. The risk factors of failing to get treated are too great to refuse treatment. For instance, many people who refuse treatment become so depressed that they injure themselves or even worse, commit suicide. On the other hand some mentally ill individuals become so manic they end up injuring other people. I do not believe prisons are the best place for these people to get the help they need so that they are not a danger to themselves or other people. There are many reasons why someone shouldn’t commit suicide and should look into getting help. Before explaining why someone shouldn’t commit suicide or why they do it. Lets look into why they feel the need to hurt themselves. Suicide is a big issue in the world today. You or someone you know may feel that their life isn’t worth living or Their stressed to the point where they cant handle the madness of having to live up to the stress building up in their life. First thing is suicide is never the answer to your problems and it sure isn’t the way out. Looking for help would make the person realize how important their life is and how many people they would leave be hide hurt forever. Just of the simple fact that they couldn’t speak up to those who would’ve listened. This is where we get to mental illness. The person May be Emotionally depressed or just very angry.
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