Domestic Violence And Sociology

Topics: Domestic violence, Gender, Economic inequality Pages: 4 (780 words) Published: April 21, 2017

Domestic violence is defined as the aggressive behavior in the household, usually practiced to a spouse. Most domestic violence cases are men acting on women. Today domestic violence is considered a federal crime, it is the causes of thirty percent of female murder. Women still work in discriminatory conditions, the socio-economic and cultural factors that increased inequality made women even more vulnerable violence and injustice. The impact on women’s health include physical psychological effects and much more. Gender inequality and discrimination are the roots of domestic violence. I am going to discuss domestic violence today illustrate the broader of social and economic inequalities related to gender and how until today it is embedded in our society.

Patriarchy is the number one when speaking about social inequality. According to the book “The Sociology of Gender” by Laura Kramer, Patriarchy is a system of society or government in which men hold power and women are largely excluded from it. It’s mainly based on male dominance, male centeredness, obsession with power. Patriarchy today is embedded in many societies including our society, our society is derived on patriarchy in a sense that males have for the most part held dominant positions in every aspect of life from the very beginning and passed down through generations. Domestic violence...

A sociological video illustrates how cultural messages in children’s media normalize domestic violence in the movie Beauty and the Beast. The characters describe the beast abuse as “just a shot temper”. The movie teaches the girls that unacceptable behavior of the male will change when you counter it with love and care and that the women should be patient of the man’s abusive behavior to help him change that behavior and help him get the prince inside him -when the beast transform into a...
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