Dogs: Man's Best Friend

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Why are we say that a dog is a man's best friend? Before talking about how important of dogs to our lives, we have to know where they come from. Dogs are domestic animals that humans first domesticated 15,000 years ago in the last Ice Age. The ancestors are the wolf dogs. These animals are used to keep as a pet or for entertaining reasons. Dog is a well-known animal. It has four legs, and a sharp sense of hearing and smelling. A dog's brain is very developing. Dogs can distinguish objects based on the first movement then light, and finally shape. Therefore, their vision is poor. They can only see two colors: black and white. But not because of that, dogs lose their image in human's eyes. Dogs would be our best buddy or good pal because of their qualities: loyal, obedient, and companionable. Besides, all the good qualities they have, they also have the secret weapon. Well, we'll get to that very soon.

A dog has the great virtue that humans need for lifetime learning. Loyalty is the brilliant virtue of the noble man, but it is not a common characteristic for many people. For dogs, loyalty is permanent attributes with no exception.This is "unalterable principles". Dogs always happy to see you come home after class or work. They greet you with their waving tail, jumping up and down, and cuddling you over and over again. There's no such thing that a dog would attack or betray their owner, even if they let the dog starve. Dogs always protect their masters from the danger. Back in the day when me and my brother were still a kid, in our neighbor, there was a little boy about the same age as my brother. He sometimes bullied my brother. On one day, while he was bullying my brother again, our dog saw that and immidiately ran to my brother. He barked and bit that mean kid so hard that he began to cry and ran away. And from then on, he never bullied my brother, ever again. Dogs usually in a good mood. They can cheer you up whenever you feel...
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