Dogs Bite!

Topics: Dog, Aggression, Attack! Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: March 5, 2014
Imagine knocking on your neighbor's door and then being brutally attacked by a dog half your size when the neighbor opens the door. People shouldn't be allowed to own or keep dangerously aggressive dogs in suburban neighborhoods. There are a few reasons why there shouldn't be aggressive dogs in a suburban neighborhood yard. I am going to argue against the ownership of deadly dogs in residential areas. I will talk about the cons of having this Dangerously aggressive dog.

A dog's bark is more dangerous than a dog's bite, but most of us would rather not find out one way or another. Growling, snarling, baring teeth, snapping, and biting are all aggressive behaviors. All these actions are completely unacceptable to humans. Most dogs are protectively, territorially, and possessively aggressive because they are trained to be like this. Trained dogs are found everywhere, especially in Residential Neighborhoods. “West Linn Municipal Code 5.250: Dangerous Dog: Any dog, which bites any human being, or which chronically demonstrates menacing behavior toward human beings. For purposes of this section, “menacing behavior” shall include, but not be limited to, bared of teeth, charging at a victim, growling in a threatening manner or approaching a victim within ten feet while barking.” this is an Oregon animal control law. This code is to protect People and animals from “Aggressive” dogs. Dangerous dogs like these are only appropriate for big lots like 4 acre yards and junkyards, but for residential houses? That is what security systems are for!

I usually flinch when a dog slams against a gate and barks violently at me. I Flinch because I was attacked and scared by a large-sized dog. This happened to many other people as well except most of them died. Go to and attempt counting all the dog attacks that has happened in the United States. If a dog bites and pierces the flesh of a human above the shoulders then it...
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