Breed Ban Laws

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AP. English
Persuasive argument essay
Should Pit Bulls as a breed be banned?

How would you feel if your dog that you love more than anything in the world couldn’t go with you when you moved homes because of ban laws and you had to euthanize your best friend? Over 1,500 pit bulls get euthanized each year because of these ban laws. “Aggression” is why these ban laws have been made and it’s not the dogs fault it’s the behavioral decisions of the owners. Humane society’s get 1,500 to 1,600 pit bulls every year and only 2 out of 10 find a home, the rest are put down to be euthanized. Many people associate pit bulls with aggression from the stories the media makes about them. Nobody realizes that most pit bulls are gentle giants. I can vouch for that because I myself had a beautiful pit mix. Although she was only a mix and not a full pit she still had a lot of the characteristics and physical features of a pit bull. She had the wide shoulders and stocky build and big head. She was all white with little brown liver spots all over her body and she had one heavily spotted ear and the warmest brown eyes almost the color of a melted chocolate chip in a chocolate chip cookie just out of the oven. She was my best friend and her name was Sophie. She has passed away she was still an important part of my life as a young kid because like most other pit bulls she was caring and sweet and she lived up to the nickname that pits have of “The nursemaids dog” because they are so nurturing and reliable to kids. All my dog would want to do is lick your face she was like a mother on four legs. She was always looking out for me when I was a kid. Although pit bulls have the means to be dangerous because they are so muscular and stocky nobody really pays attention to the nurture trait they have because so many owners have taken that trait away with breeding so they can fight. So nobody sees that it’s the owners fault for the aggression traits the dogs now possess.


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