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  • Pit Bulls

    Pit bulls tend to have a publically bad reputation‚ they have been misjudge because of what people have seen on TV‚ in movies and on the Internet. I feel that pit bulls do not get the credit they deserve. The only time a pit is recognize is when it attacks and causes damage to a human or another animal. The aggression trait has been bred into this dog‚ by inbreeding and breeding for those particular traits. It is also a manner of how the animal is treated and raised‚ which boils down to the person

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  • Essay On Pit Bulls

    Pit Bulls are commonly recognized as wild‚ vicious and inherently dangerous animals‚ which is false. “Singling out a particular breed or type of dog has repeatedly been proven to be ineffective because breed alone is not predictive of whether a dog may pose a danger” (The HSUS). How can you look at any given dog or certain breed of dog and know whether it is dangerous‚ just by the way it looks? The answer to that question is‚ you can’t. Look at it this way‚ as a similar scenario‚ how do you know

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  • Ban Pit Bulls

    Ban Pit Bulls Abstract When the words “Pit Bull” come to the front of your mind‚ what is the first feeling you get? Is it hatred‚ fear‚ anger and vicious or is it kindness‚ loyalty‚ fun and gentle; whether it be for the good or for the evil‚ we all can agree that when the word “Pit Bull” comes up there is a feeling we all get inside. The feeling I get inside is disgust‚ this stems from an attack on my daughter that sent our world into a tailspin. This vicious attack could have

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  • Pit Bulls

    Proposal: Broward county should prohibit the private ownership of pit bulls. Cambridge Assignment 7th Grade Language Arts Mrs. Cox Coral Springs Charter School 1/30/13 Banning Pit Bulls is Wrong! Within all of the controversy about the pit bull breed and whether or not they should be banned‚ I have formed my own educated opinion; Pit bulls should not be banned. Why should we punish the dogs for the way they are being raised and

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  • Dog and Pit Bulls Pit

    For The Love of Pit Bulls Pit bulls are just like any other loyal breed of dog. Just like the other breeds‚ pit bulls are only dangerous if they are raised to be dangerous. According to the AVMA‚ it is “mostly the owners‚ not the dogs‚ who are to blame for any bad behavior.” (“Ban Pit Bulls?”). Pit bulls are wonderful companions and friends. The pit bull breed originates from England in the 1800s. These precious animals were initially raised and trained to fight for entertainment. Around “1835

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  • Informative Pit Bulls

    Some of the laws that were passed for owning a pitbull are in March of 2009 the state of kansas said that all pitbulls must be microchipped within six months of getting a dog and of passing this ordinance. No more than two pitbulls for residential house holds and no breeders license if you own a pitbull. Which also affects the law in kansas that if you own four or more dogs you must obtain a breeds license. In 2012 a ruling involving a mauling of a child in Marylands highest courts held that pitbulls

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  • Pit Bulls Research Paper

    Kaitlin Eagle English 1001 Waddell 2/23/17 Breed Bans: Anything with a mouth can bite Four paws‚ wagging tail‚ and cold wet nose‚ the image that comes to mind probably isn’t a Rottweiler‚ Doberman‚ or Pit Bull even though the description covers all dogs. Assuming you are like most people you associate those specific breeds with junkyards‚ heavy chain leashes‚ and flash of sharp white gnashing teeth. Have you ever been bitten by one of these breeds or had a negative encounter? Probably not‚ but just

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  • Persuasive Essay On Pit Bulls

    Many people are deeply afraid of Pit Bulls. This breed repeatedly appears on the news mostly because the dog has attacked another dog or a human being. Some of the attacks have been severe enough to cause harm and even death. Many believe that Pit Bulls are born aggressive since it is known that breeders have bred them over the years to become more muscular in comparison to other breeds like the Golden Retriever. The more muscular the dog is the better it will do when it is introduced to dog fighting

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  • Pit Bull Abuse

    Pit bulls may seem like aggressive dogs. Even the word “pit bull” may make people scared. Everything negative you hear about pit bulls is a big lie. Pit bulls are intelligent‚ super-loyal‚ very loving‚ and have high amounts of energy. But you’d be hard-pressed to find another breed with more raw athletic ability. They are the best dogs in the world with the proper training. Sadly‚ people mistreat pit bulls and use them as negative entertainment for their own selfish minds. Some people raise

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  • Pit Bulls

    an owner of an American pit bull terrier‚ I witness first hand how the pit bull is discriminated against on a daily basis. C. Audience Relation How many of you enjoy being categorized by the way you look? Just as we‚ as people‚ are evaluated‚ all animals need to be evaluated by its own qualities‚ not their appearance. D. Central Idea Today‚ I would like to take the time to refute the falsely made claims that have been made against the pit bull breed and provide you with

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