Does Money Bring Happiness

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Perhaps one of the first topics that people talk in is "if you are rich, will you be happy"? Most of people will say "yes" without thinking, but if they rethink about it they perhaps change their opinions. However, if you ask me I will say "no" for many reasons.

Money will buy you many things, but the happiness from it is limited. With money you can buy food, clothes, medicines, toys and all you need to be happy. But you can’t buy respect, health, real friendship or knowledge. So, material things that you will buy by money will not make you happy for long time as emotions and feelings toward and from others. With money comes fake friends and fake love. Those will bring up faked lives. This kind of people you should never stick with. They will come and go along with money.

Moreover, when people do have a lot of cash, they have the ability to buy anything, to do anything. If that happens, there is nothing left for mankind to do on Earth, since everything would have a price tag. From that point begins depression. People won't know what to do, and find life useless. Money can buy you a lot of things but happiness. Happiness comes from the inside; some people may find happiness everywhere while some fail to find it. We love to be happy, we love to have a lot of money but both of them are two different things. A poor man can be happy, and a rich man can be sad, so money doesn't really play a part in the happiness we get.

Money will buy you many things, but the happiness from it is only limited. However, money can't buy true happiness because happiness is not something you can buy in a store for fixed price. Since everyone is different and we value our happiness differently so one thing that makes one person extremely happy can make another extremely unhappy. What really count in life are your health, sleep, knowledge, friendship and family.
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