Documentation in Information System

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Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1 Introduction

The humble of Asahi Motor Parts started of a small stall at Hokaido Building, Cor.Cervantes & Sta. Rosa Sts., Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental. Mr. Jonie Jef D. Calo-oy puts up a small stall in the City of Dumaguete. Calo-oy started with a small amount of capital selling a variety of items mostly of motorcycle parts. Mr. Calo-oy was very observant to the needs of the customers and his business started to grow.

Now, Asahi Motor Parts is one of the most reputable shop in Motorcycle industry in the Philippines with complete profile for Retailing, Selling and Services for Various Parts and Accessories for Motorcycle. Selling brand names of parts and accessories to satisfy the needs of all level of riders at very competitive prices. Store shall serve as gateway to penetrate market and create local employment opportunity to benefit the economy.

Asahi Motor Parts and Accessories has been in existence up today, and in spite of the development of technology today the establishment is still tuned with the traditional way of dealing with their billing and sales.

Along with this traditional methodology of its operation problems are inevitable. Commonly problems like record lost and inaccurate report of sales and inventories. Other identified problems are the following:

* Recording of daily transactions are done manually, alleviating the risk of erroneous inputs. * Retrieving of any information is slow and time consuming. * In generating reports, data are encoded first in a notebook before it is printed. Chances of wrong input are high, and could result to erroneous output. * Stocks are not properly monitored. If depreciation of stock of a certain product is forgotten or ignored, this may lead to future problem in ordering for additional stocks. * Prone to product lost.

The Billing and Inventory System of ASAHI MOTOR PARTS focuses only in the sales transaction and business information, plus there are other features that are considered by the researcher s like the security of the system. However, there is always limitation in everything, and this system is no exception. These are the factors the system is expected to achieve:

* The system maintains security in every transaction that is made and will be made. * The system will track the billing and sales in a daily basis. * The system will prompt the user of the remaining item(s) and stock(s) before it is depleted.

1.2 Statement of plan and Objectives
In every study we conduct, there are always goals, aims and desires to be achieved which will serve as the pathway towards achievement and success. This is the reason why the researcher set up the following goals:

* To design a system that will answer and meet the needs of ASAHI Motor Parts. * To have a fast and accurate transactions.
* To have an effective manner of dealing transactions within the business. * To secure the sales or any transaction.
* To monitor the sales and items.

With these goals, it will surely enlighten and guide the mind of the researcher on what to do, and be assured that development of the system is in the right track.

1.3 Statement of the Problem

The problems that the researcher has found out will serve as the basic foundation in development of the system.

The proposal system is expected to solve the problem and help maintain the operation of the business faster and more efficient

1.4 Reference Materials and Definition
1.5.1 Reference Materials

1.4.2 Definitions
SAD – System Analysis Design
TSG – Technical...
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