Topics: Great Depression, Typography, Bibliography Pages: 6 (751 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Great Depression DBQ Assignment

Due: Monday, April 23rd in class

Assignment must be printed, stapled and ready to hand in at the beginning of class.

You will not be allowed to leave class. Anything handed in after the papers are collected will be considered late.

TOPIC: You must answer the question, What caused the Great Depression? Your thesis should be clear, concise, specific, and contain an argument that answers the question “so what?”. Please underline your thesis statement.



12pt Font, Times New Roman

Double Spaced, 1 inch margins

Page Numbers (bottom of page)

Must include a TITLE and a heading at the top (single spaced; include name, date, course)

Approximately 3 pages in length (500 – 800 words)

Minimum 6 imbedded citations

Be sure to EDIT your paper

* A pdf copy of the DBQ documents is available on the Homework Website at

** The DBQ chart will be handed in separately on the 23rd. Do not staple it to your paper. Do make sure your name is on it.



Late assignments will automatically have 25 points deducted from the total score.

|NAME: |COMMENTS: | |EVIDENCE |Use of sources. | | | | |Used wisely and effectively. Citations. | | | | | |/30 | | |INSIGHT |Thesis | | | | |Quality of analysis | | | | | |/30 | | |FLUENCY |Flow and transitions | | | | |Logic of argument | | | | |Understandable |/30 | | |GRAMMAR/ SYNTAX |Readability | | | | |Spelling | | | | |Appropriate Grammar, diction and syntax |/10 | | |Additional deductions may be taken for not following specific | | | |instructions, late papers, etc. | | | |TOTAL | | | | | | |/100 |...

Citations: are required in this paper. It is imperative that you learn and practice to do them correctly. Be consistent.
|Source |Full MLA Citation |Imbedded Citation |
|Textbook |Danzer, et al. The Americans. [McDougal Littell: Evanston, IL, 2002] |(Danzer,, page #) |
| | |(The Americans, page #) |
|DBQ Background Essay |Background Essay, “What Caused the Great Depression”. The DBQ Project. 2008. |(The DBQ Project) |
|DBQ Documents |Name of Specific Document + “What Caused the Great Depression”. The DBQ Project. 2008. |(Doc.1) |
| |Example for Doc 3: Harry J. Carman and Harold C Syrett. A History of the American People. 1952. | |
| |“What Caused the Great Depression”. The DBQ Project. 2008. |(Carmen and Syrett, Doc. 3) |
You do not need a separate bibliography if you are using any of the above sources. However, if you use any sources other than these you must include the full MLA citation, in addition to the imbedded citation, in a bibliography or footnote.
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