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Topics: Aztec, Mexico City, Mesoamerica Pages: 2 (507 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Document Review
The document I am reviewing is “The Broken Spears: The Aztecs Account of the Conquest of Mexico” from chapter 16. This piece was the work of more than one author, which included native priests and wise men who encountered the Spanish and the Indians of Mexico. The authors of this document were educated, religious people. This document was once an account that was passed down orally and later written down and translated. This document was written for future generations of the Aztec people, which included both the rulers and their subjects. The authors of this piece expected the future generations of the Aztec people to read this. The story that the document is telling is how the Spaniards took Montezuma as their prisoner and robbed him of his riches, supplies, and food. It also tells the story of how the Aztec people came to fear the Spaniards. As a result from the fear the Aztecs had towered the Spaniards, everything the Spaniards requested the Aztec people gave to them. As a result the Spaniards eventually started brutally killing the Aztecs and eventually took over Mexico. This document helped me relate to the information I read in the text and the lecture because it gave me a better perspective of the lives of the Aztecs and how they treated the Spaniards.

The reason the document was orally passed down and later written and translated was to never forget what had happened between the Spaniards and the Aztecs. It was to remember how their King, Montezuma, was taken prisoner and robbed of all his riches, and how Mexico was taken from them by force. The purpose of this piece is to remind future citizens of the brutality that earlier generations had to face against the Spaniards. It was to remind them how the Spaniards killed many Aztecs just to take over Land. The authors of this document assume that his audience has somewhat of an idea of what happened to their ancestors. They assume that future Aztecs know that Mexico was at one point...
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