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Topics: Time division multiple access, Radio, Mobile phone Pages: 6 (2090 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Type| Description| Frequency| Range| Weight| Dimensions| Advantages and Disadvantages| PRC 354 (VHF)| Used at section level and replaces the PRC 349 and 350. | 30-88 MHz| 5km using a 2 metre whip antenna | 1.2kg without batteries (heavier than the PRC 349)| 94mm x 44mm x 195mm| | PRC 355 MANPACK (VHF)| Replaces the PRC 351 and 352. Used as the basic platoon radio and half the size and weight of a 351.| 30-88 MHz| Up to 30km | 3.2kg without batteries| 88mm x 185mm x 234mm| | HF RADIOS| The Harris 5800 is the most common radio used. In the manpack form the PRC 325 replaces the 320 and is smaller and lighter. | 1.6-30 MHz| Up to 32km using a whip antenna. Up to 800km using a near vertical incidence antenna. Unrestricted range using a sky wave antenna. | 4.5kg without batteries| 267mm x 81mm x 43mm including battery box| | High Capacity Data Radio (HCDR)| HCDR provides a high capacity data network. It complements the HF and VHF Radios by providing the primary means for the transfer of large amounts of operational data between the various command and control centres. | Internet| N/A| 11.3kg without batteries| 275mm x 138mm x 381mm | | Personal Role Radio| A small transmitter-receiver that allows Infantry soldiers to communicate over short distances. It works effectively through physical barriers such as brink walls. PRR are issued to every member of an eight-strong infantry section. | Channels 256| 500 metres| 1.5kg| 380mm (longest dimension)| | AIRWAVE| A digital radio communications network designed to meet the needs of the police and other public safety organisations. Is a digital mobile radio service, developed and managed by O2 to provide a secure, powerful and flexible communications network. Communications are packetized. It is the system-it uses radio to communicate with other handsets and the masts. Once the signal reaches the mast it is carried on the TETRA network. The AIRWAVE network is therefore based on TETRA and it caters for speech and data. Its image communications are also on the same infrastructure as TETRA. All the radio sites are connected via an extensive ground based network using Kilostream links. MM02 as the service provider, procures, installs, maintains and manages the entire network via a number of network and service centres. Airwave as a PMR (Private or Professional) Mobile Radio communications service. It is intended for all public safety organisations in Scotland, England and Wales. It is responsible for bringing important new opportunities to the Police Service, replacing convectional analogue radios with secure mobile digital radio terminals allowing fast transfer of information and images between patrolling officers and their stations. | Airwave operates on the 380 MHz to 400 MHz band. (This is considered to be a 4 times more effective use of bandwidth).| | | | AIRWAVE is responsible for delivering a more effective service to the community. It allows access to local and national databases leading to better and faster provision of information to Officers. It also allows secure communications contributing to combating the problems of crime and safeguarding information from unauthorised access (analogue scanners operated by some criminals will be unable to listen into police radio traffic). It allows digital voice quality which reduces any possible misunderstandings in messages. Headset or dashboard terminal acts as a radio, mobile telephone and data terminal leading to time. It allows Automatic Vehicle and Person voice location which will lead to quicker responses, more efficient use of resources and improved Officer Safety. It provides Comprehensive Management Information enabling the best management of our limited operational resources. Finally it provides Interoperability which provides seamless voice, data and image communications across the country and across organisational and geographical boundaries. | TETRA| TETRA is short for...
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